Activity of the day(s)!!!

Just thinking of home and all that’s going on over there. My friends in Atlanta I’m thinking of you. It’s not just Atlanta but that’s where it began and has been spreading all over. BLM…it’s not just a pandemic anymore but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be careful

New tunes?

Have a song I’m going to try to turn into an epic…it involves love in the 20s. Yes a while ago but you just have to imagine

A look back at a review from 2007 ‘Strange Company’ CD

Indy unplugged? A flash of Bowie crossed with Young? A whole montage of old school memories mixed with today’s real emotions…is this EMO? Wow, it’s like a plethera of useless questions, the only one I can answer is that I really liked this stuff. Really. Man, I can’t begin to make all the Duran, Duran […]