Going places I’ve been…and will always keep going!

As July hits I’m thinking about my next gig…in a few weeks I’ll be going to The Merri Creek Tavern. I’ve never played there but from what I see it’s a top spot and luckily for you (the fan) I’ll have the ever great Shannon Bourne to my side. This thing will kick off on […]

Activity of the day(s)!!!

My new album is coming along well. I’m thinking of home (Texas fierce) and I’m recalling the mood-al imagery I saw when there last. A tricky time at home…division and unease mixed with the sounds of the everyday people going about their days…these songs reflect that

New tunes?

Have a song I’m going to try to turn into an epic…it involves love in the 20s. Yes a while ago but you just have to imagine

A look back at a review from 2007 ‘Strange Company’ CD

Indy unplugged? A flash of Bowie crossed with Young? A whole montage of old school memories mixed with today’s real emotions…is this EMO? Wow, it’s like a plethera of useless questions, the only one I can answer is that I really liked this stuff. Really. Man, I can’t begin to make all the Duran, Duran […]