A look back at a review from 2007 ‘Strange Company’ CD

Indy unplugged? A flash of Bowie crossed with Young? A whole montage of old school memories mixed with today’s real emotions…is this EMO? Wow, it’s like a plethera of useless questions, the only one I can answer is that I really liked this stuff. Really. Man, I can’t begin to make all the Duran, Duran references, the shades of sounds I heard at the Armadillo World Headquarters back in Austin, or even the icons I saw bloom out of Cardi’s here in Dallas in the late 70’s and the early 80’s.

I remember sitting ther watching Bono with a child perched upon his shoulders as he and U2 wailed away the beginnings of a truly iconoclastic career there at Cardi’s, and with maybe…just maybe, just a bit more energy or feeling I hear this guy turning the corner. I’ve never had the pleasure to see Thomas perform, but I have the distinct impression I wouldn’t soon forget.

True enough though, it is seldom that a musician with roots in Austin, Texas, has little to say, add to that the foriegn mystique such as Bono did with his Irish roots, and Vecera’s Australian background makes perfect sense. I could do the whole BIO thing on this guy,but I feel that you just might have enough fun on your own there, just do yourself a favor…get in on the groundfloor with this guy, you won’t soon regret. It’s a cool feeling to look back a few years and say to yourself or an audience, “I saw that guy when…”


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